About The Author


My name is Noah Alam, I’m originally from France, but I live now in the beautiful city of Fez Morocco.

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with women and dating, by the age of 24, I was still shy, heartbroken and LONELY.

I must say I’ve never been a “Natural” with women, and I had to learn this stuff the hard way.

That’s why I’ve made it a personal challenge and I committed myself to getting this part of my life handled.

I’ve spent many months and years studying all the materials I could find and meeting different people who could help me, and I’ve made a fool of myself more than once.

I’m now a successful person, both professionally and personally, I have a beautiful wife and two kids.

In this exiting journey, I’ve met so many people that have told me: “the best way to attract quality women is to be a jerk“, I’ve tried it and found out that it’s not only damaging for others but for myself as well.

That’s why I am making this website available to you, to help you be the best you can, after all, “Your life gets better, when you get better“.

 My Journey 

I was born to a very strict family, at the dinner table, there were many taboo subjects, on the top of the list were money and relationships.

Needless to say, I had no clues on how to really deal with women.

I was raised on the old “nice guy” standard. I had very low self-esteem; I preferred to stay alone and had no voice of my own. To sum up, I was a mess.

At the age of 16, I was terribly shy, blushing red when spoken to by strangers, I had very few friends, I would consider most of them now as enemies (by the ways I let them disrespect me).

When I was a little older, I went to the university, there things seemed to get … worse, still terribly shy, no real friends and no girlfriend either.

I remember one day, I was 24 years, alone in my room, it was Saturday evening, I could hear people outside enjoying themselves, socializing and having fun and me, sad, frustrated and feeling useless. It was then that I made the decision that would change my life forever.

I went to the bathroom, had a glance at the mirror and started talking to myself. How could these people who aren’t better looking than I am, aren’t as half educated as me, have such a success with people and most importantly with women?

It has to be something other than looks, age or intelligence.

I decided to go look for that something I was missing.

For months and years, I’ve read every book I could find on the subject, every magazine, I took courses, listened to programs, kept journals, socialized with successful guys, met and spoke to hundreds of women and every new information brought a floodgate of new unanswered questions.

Finally, I found out what was wrong with me, and more importantly, how to deal with it and transform myself into a desirable, successful and mature man.

This knowledge is what I am offering you in howtoattractwomenhelp.com , I hope you find peace and success with it and won’t go the troublesome ways I went through in order to get it.