I’m bored with my girlfriend!

If you are bored with your girlfriend, then you are going to get a lot of solutions and lots of help in this post, I’m sure you will enjoy reading it and getting very important ideas that are going to make your girlfriend like you and most importantly, you will also find satisfaction and joy with her.

  • The first thing you need to understand about your girlfriend is that you are bored with her because you are boring!

In other words, you want her to have excitement into your already boring life!

I’m sorry to say this, but this is probably the reality in your situation, whenever you say that you are bored with your girlfriend, the hidden message is that you would like to have excitement in your life, you would like her to change your monotonous habits and make you feel great about yourself again!

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be a little rude to you!

This is probably your reality, whenever you are with your girlfriend, don’t put the blame on her, take responsibility of yourself, look at the way you interact with her and try to create a good atmosphere where you share everything and where you have lots of fun together.

This is not going to sound of much help to you, I’m sure, but if you think deeply enough about it, you will find lots of satisfaction in taking responsibility of the relationship and improving it.

  • Then, what to do with your boring girlfriend?

You need to first take responsibility, then, you need to start confronting her whenever she is not talking or whenever she is pushing the conversation and every activity you have with her into silence, this is probably the only way you need to use with your boring girlfriend, it’s because she will have to improve yourself in order to stay with you, otherwise, you have to be very open and a little blunt with her!

Tell her that what she is doing is not helping the relationship, you should also give ultimatums, in other words, if she doesn’t improve herself and share things with you, you need to leave her!

Believe me, this can sound very harsh and difficult, but it’s the only way out of this situation, because your boring girlfriend may be suffering from deep psychological troubles, and from my experience, whenever you try to solve women’s problems, you will end up with lots of headaches and lots of problems as well, even worse, you may end up in the friend zone!

Trust me, I’ve been there, I had once been with a very boring girlfriend, she was not talking that much and she always kept bringing me down, especially when I was very excited, she would just sit down and feel depressed!

Anyway, I ended up confronting her about what she was doing and she acknowledged that she was a bit depressed, so, I tried helping her by listening to her and by also offering her “free advice”, in other words, I didn’t get laid!

Needless to tell you, after just two months of doing this, one day, she surprised me with this: “you are my best friend“!!!!

My advice is to stay away from helping women altogether, I know that this is going to sound terrible, but this is the truth, instead of helping them, why not do something very wise: HELP YOURSELF!

Yes, be selfish, start caring only about yourself, and you will definitely attract a very “psychologically healthy” woman into your life who is going to be 1 million times better than your current boring girlfriend!

Take responsibility, enjoy your life, and ask her to enjoy things with you, if she doesn’t, leave her! This is a friendly advice that you should definitely take, otherwise, you will regret it!

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