Creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Would you like to use creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Then, you’ve come to the right post because I’m going to show you some of the most creative and unique ways that girls are definitely going to say yes to.

First, let me tell you a little about myself, I used to be a very shy guy until I discovered some amazing techniques and secrets in order to attract girls, and this is what I’m going to share with you today, secrets and very creative ways to ask a girl to be yours, I’m sure that she will not say no to them!

  • The first creative way to ask a girl to your girlfriend is to send her a letter.

And here, I’m not talking about an ordinary letter, I’m talking about a beautiful one, with a highly decorated envelope and handwriting that’s just beyond compare.

And please, don’t type your letter in the computer, if you don’t have a beautiful handwriting, go hire someone on the internet to do the job for you, just send them the words and they will write you an amazing letter.

You should also apply some few sprays of perfume your letter, they will make it smell amazing and magical, and trust me, girls go crazy for these things.

  • The second creative way is to use riddles.

I did this at high school, I had a crush on a very attractive girl, she was much older than me, but I liked her tremendously, so, I took a piece of paper and I wrote down riddles, they were very romantic and very easy to guess, and I put the first one in her locker, asking her to call a voicemail, she did, and I gave her the second riddle, she was very intelligent and within an hour, I was waiting for her to arrive and we met, it was very romantic and she felt great about it!

I want you to do the same, and this is one of the most creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, use riddles, and even better, send them to her using great looking letters, like the first technique I’ve just shared with you.

  • The third way is to use fortune cookies.

You can order online some amazing fortune cookies that are not plain and normal, but rather made with chocolate, you can even, for a little extra money, ask the bakery making them to write something special in one of them, get a chocolate one and offer your future to be girlfriend one, when she eat it, she is going to find your message inside and she is going to feel great about it.

But please, don’t be very romantic, be a guy, ask her out and don’ts hesitate to tell her that you like her and that you think she will make a fantastic girlfriend.

These are definitely one of the most creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, if you have other ones, or a question, or you just would like to share with us some more creative ways, please do so in the comment section below, I will happily include them in this post very soon.


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  2. Can a guy be scared of approaching? to the point of not being able to move!! 🙁

  3. At some point, you need to ask the woman if she wants to take things further.

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