How to attract unknown girls in college

In this post, you are going to learn how to attract unknown girls in college, and although this may seem a little strange to most of you guys, it’s one of the most important skills you need to build and master, especially in such a very sensitive period of your life!

I still remember when I was in college, university in France, I was very shy and timid as well, and I had so many problems meeting people let alone girls!

That’s why I’m very eager to share with you the information that have helped me a lot in attracting unknown girls in college, and I’m sure they will help you as well.

Trust me, everything I’m going to talk about today is going to work wonderfully, you just need the right self-esteem and self-confidence in order to use them, and please, don’t say to yourself that you are not attractive, every guy in college is somehow very attractive or at least is going to attract certain kinds of girls, you just need to know what is your kind of girl, in other words, the girl who is going to find you very attractive.

  • The first step to attract unknown girls in college is to look good.

And by looking good, I don’t mean wearing nice clothes and have a good perfume, what I’m talking about is knowing people!

Looking good in college is all about who you know! I still remember there were some lousy looking guys in our university, but they were all the time with fantastic girls! It’s because they were highly connected to other people, in other words, they knew other people who were very important to college life and campus, and this is what I want you to do: build a web of relationships with other people, it doesn’t matter whether they are important or not, what matters is that you need to have many friends, the more friends you have in college, the more you are going to become attractive to girls.

Of course, you should also care a lot about your looks, in other words, don’t look too shabby, but please, don’t look too casual, you are going to drive shy girls away from you.

If you don’t have very good people skills, I highly recommend that you read a book called How To Win Friends And Influence People, it’s probably one of the most important books you can read throughout your life because it’s going to make you amazingly attractive and good with people, not just with women, but also with very important people who will matter a lot in your life.

  • The second step is to go out often!

One of the worst things I was doing when I was in college was the fact that I was all the time in my room, head in books and notes, not able to go out and meet new people!

This made me not only look very shy and unconfident, but it also drove people away from me!

People don’t want to be with guys who are not very outgoing and social, they want people who are very alive, people who will make them forget their problems and people who can make their lives better, funnier, and much more interesting, if you are going to drive them down, they will leave you!

So, the best way for you to attract unknown girls in college is to start going out every single day, even when there is nothing to do, just go out and hang out with people, soon, you will acquire a strong self-esteem and self-confidence, especially around girls.

  • Let’s talk now about the most important step: approaching!

In college, to attract girls, you need to either be very popular or outgoing, in other words, you need to start approaching people and making connections, I’ve already talked about this in the previous lines, but now, I would like you to approach as many girls as possible.

After all, dating girls in college is just a numbers game, the more you approach and talk to, the more chances you are going to have.

Check out my other posts on how to talk to girls, it’s very important, they will give you some amazing lines to use that are highly successful.

If you stay alone all the time, have no connections with the outside world and outside communities, and don’t approach girls, you will never meet them, that’s why these three things are the most important, because they are the basic for approaching and also meeting unknown girls in college, and believe me when I tell you that by learning this stuff, girls are going to start approaching you and even hitting on you!

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