How to make women want to sleep with you

I’m not saying that women are going to tear their clothes and keep chasing you when you use the advice in this post, but if you use the steps you are going to find here, women will want to sleep with you!

No need of denying this, the things I’m going to reveal to you today are very easy to understand, yet most guys are completely ignoring them, in reality, most have no clue about them.

In fact, they are doing the absolute opposite, which means one outcome: they don’t sleep with a lot of women!

Then, how to make women want to sleep with you?

Just apply the following tips:

  • The first one is to learn what to say.

I find that talking with women is the most important thing you need to understand about seduction and dating, most guys are completely clueless about things that they should say or even how they should say them, for example, you see a lot of guys using pick up lines and other stuff that are really pushing them to the bottom, it’s true, pick up lines don’t work, and if you keep on using them, you will hurt yourself and will end up alone and depressed!

Then, what to say to women in order to sleep with you?

You can say a lot, but the ideal is to keep your mouth shut and to listen to her, for example, when you are with a woman and she is talking about stuff that concerns her, don’t interfere and try to make yourself a hero by bragging about what has happened to you in the past, just keep your mouth shut and listen to her, say yes or no from time to time and keep listening, she will like it even more.

  • The second thing you can say to a woman is casual stuff!

I thought deeply about this area of talking to women because I myself don’t have a particular subject that I always use with them, I will say whatever comes to my mind, but here the most important thing is not what you say, but how you say it!

For example, with my past girlfriends, I always talked about celebrities, how they were acting in a stupid way or what is going on in their lives, yet, most of my subjects were plain-vanilla ordinary and in fact they were gossip about other people, friends, and even we talked about dogs and cats for the majority of time, how male cats have tiny needles in their penis, and that’s what makes female cats scream, they weren’t having orgasms, like in porn movies, they were being cut from the inside etc.

You get it!

We talked about stupid things all the time, nothing serious!

Yet, women really enjoy listening to me, and when I think about it right now, I remember that I was very excited about these subjects as well; I was using a lot of body language and creating rapport with women all the time.

And this is what I want you to do as well, create rapport with women; it’s the most basic thing in order to make them want you.

What do we mean by rapport?

Rapport is when you are in harmony with a woman, you are having fun, you are relaxed, you don’t fear anything, and in fact, you don’t have anything in mind!

Because, let’s be honest, when you are thinking about sleeping with a woman, she knows it, after all, they are ninjas when it comes to reading body language, so, don’t try to have an agenda when you are talking to them, just relax, have fun, and keep on pushing their boundaries a little!

  • Which leads me to my final advice: get physical as soon as possible!

Do you know what happens when you don’t engage women physically/sexually very quickly?

You get categorized as a friend; in fact, you will end up in the dreaded friend zone forever with her!

My advice is to get physical with a woman as soon as possible, in fact, after just two hours of talking to her, try to hold her hands, try to kiss her, and most importantly, look her right in the eyes and keep on flirting with her, it’s the most important thing in order to make women want to sleep with you.

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