Is my girlfriend controlling? Quiz

Would you like to know whether your girlfriend is controlling or not? Well, this quiz is going to help you find out the answer, just answer the following questions as honestly as possible, and please

, take as much time as you need because it’s very important for the accuracy of the results:

Is my girlfriend controlling? Quiz


  1. She is very controling, help me

  2. the bitch, controlling and ugly

  3. I see now why I didn’t like my previous girlfriedn, always ordering me around

  4. Australian cowboy says:

    I don’t know what to do with her, tried some of your previous advice, but she seems immuned!

    • Maybe it’s you, relax, don’t care about the outcome a lot, have fun. Did you kiss her yet? Maybe she feels not sexy when she is with you, so she’ll be a little nervous and on the edge!

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