The art of touching a woman

The art of touching a woman is one of the most important skills you need to know as a man, it will make you so much attractive and valuable in the dating market, and most importantly, it will give you an amazing self-confidence, on the long run, you will look amazing, not just by changing your outer looks, but by having the confidence of knowing that you can please a woman and make her feel great about herself and you as well.

The art of touching a woman, also known as Kino, is probably one of the most important skills you need to learn as a man, and I feel honored to be your teacher.

  • The first tip is to always start delicately and slowly!

When you touch a woman to arouse her and make her feel great about herself, always start very slowly, it’s because women are very fragile creatures, if you use violence/force/strength with them, even in the slightest ways, they will not appreciate it, and they will feel horrible about themselves and most importantly, about you.

When you would like to touch a woman, always start by using the tip of your fingers on her skin, then, slowly start caressing her, if your hands are cold, it won’t work very well, and if you are not very self-confident, you will not have a great effect on her!

So, what to do them?

This is where the second tip is very important:

  • Start by establishing eye contact first.

Before starting to touch a woman, you need to establish eye contact with her, even if you know her, and you would like to arouse her sensually, and make her feel good about herself, start by arousing her emotional brain, and you do this by establishing eye contact with her, look her right in the eyes, have prolonged eye contact for at least seven seconds, and then smile at her, she will feel amazing about you and she won’t to be able to get enough of you.

  • The third tip is to make her laugh.

If you would like to touch a woman and arouse her emotionally and sexually as well, you need to learn how to make her laugh, you need to learn how to please her and how to make her feel great about herself, this is essential.

Be playful with her, tease her, and most importantly, make her laugh and make her enjoy herself when she is with you.

  • Let’s talk now about the fourth tip: touching her!

When you practice the art of touching a woman, you have to become very sensual, you have to be very slow, but also, you need to become a little rough when she needs it!

Women are very difficult creatures to understand, you need to be present when you are with her, for example, when I’m with my wife, I always start by talking to her, listening to her, making eye contact with her, then, we laugh and share how our days went, then, I start caressing her hair and after that, I keep escalating and caressing her skin and teasing her from time to time, and this is what I want you to be aware of as well:

The art of touching a woman is not just about a specific area of expertise, you need to take this subject holistically, in other words, you need to use many different techniques and many different mindsets in order to know how to touch her.

Let me continue, when I am kissing my wife, I soon start undressing her and I let her undress me, then, we enjoy kissing for probably fifty minutes or even two hours when we are in the mood etc.

And this is what I mean by the art of touching a woman, you need to make her feel great about herself, you need to make her trust you and have faith in you, you need to guide her and you need to be dominant when she feels the need to.


  1. Laur Suid says:

    Depending on the number of women you approche, you can have lots os success, just approcha, that’s everything! Thankd buddy

  2. Merci pour l’article, je fait des efforts pour mmon Anglais mnt

  3. So, touch her when you have good raport?

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