The best places to touch a woman

In this post, I’m not only going to show you the best places to touch a woman, but I’m also going to share with you how to do it the right way.

Unlike other resources on the internet, which just show you some of the best places to touch a woman, I’m also going to show you the most important ones and better yet, how to do it, it’s because the how is much more important than the where!

Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know that no matter where you touch a woman, the how is what matters the most.

  • So, without further ado, let’s start with the first place to touch a woman:

The back of the neck

The back of the neck is probably one of the most neglected places where a man should touch a woman and make her feel highly aroused.

To do this, you need to be a little rough!

It is very rare that I advise guys to be rough and tough with women, but this is one of the best places to do it, it’s because women need to be touched in a very masculine and dominant way on the back of their necks, just below their hair.

Well, you hold her hair a little tightly while you are kissing her, trust me, this drives women crazy.

  • The second place to touch a woman is her cheeks.

Trust me, the cheeks are probably one of the most neglected areas in women’s body, most guys think that they should only be touched on the lips, and on the X and Y areas, in other words, her breasts and crouch, so to speak.

Well, you should avoid these areas as much as possible during the first moments of touching a woman, and only focus on the areas I’m going to describe in this post.

The cheeks are one of the best places you can touch a woman, they are very accessible, of course, and most importantly, women enjoy being touched there, but unlike the back of the neck, which necessitates strength, power, and dominance, the cheeks necessitate that you behave in a very kind and fragile /gentle manner, in other words, you need to be very sensitive.

When you are touching a woman on her cheeks, always do it with the back of your hands, and please, always use one hand, don’t try to use both your hands, you will look very awkward.

Just caress her cheeks and kiss them, it’s the way they should be touched.

  • The third place is her thighs.

Most guys think that a woman’s thighs are highly erogenous zones, which is true, but the reality is that they are also extremely sensitive, in other words, if you are rough with them, you can leave bruises, especially if you are dealing with a very light skinned woman, which is not very pretty if you ask me!

Well, there is a very easy technique in order to touch a woman in her thighs, you use just the tips of your fingers, or just slightly caress them, don’t even touch them, just come near them and move your fingers extremely slowly, in fact, you should just surface them with the tips of your fingers, don’t even touch them as mentioned before, just stroke the surface, brush her “invisible” hairs very gently, it will drive her crazy.

Whether a woman is wearing clothes or not, it’s very erogenous and she is going to feel completely excited and satisfied by this technique.

  • The fourth area is her armpits.

Believe it or not, women enjoy being kiss on their armpits, especially if they take good care of them.

And you should never miss an opportunity to make a woman understand that you know what you are doing, so please, whenever you are making love to her, try to kiss her armpits, it’s one of the most erogenous zones in her body and she will go crazy for you!

  • The fifth place to touch a woman is her arms.

When you are with a woman, use the same techniques as with her thighs but this time, be very gentle and also extremely slow, remember, she has lots of tiny hairs there too, and these will play a very important role in exciting her and to making her feel highly aroused.

Just be very gentle and slow.

Let me give you now a very important advice:

Avoid touching her X and Y area as much as possible, especially if you are just starting, it will scare her away because these are extremely erogenous zones, they are extremely sensitive and they will make the woman jump when you do it, so, remember, you need to start very slow with her and then keep on, women like guys who can wait and who can work very slowly on them, they cannot resist them.

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